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Deltek is Hitting the Road!

Sequestration is more than a Beltway buzzword. Now more than ever before, success will be tied to making the right decisions right now. The ripple effects are changing the game for agencies and governments at every level. How will the impact of changes in the government contracting market play out on your home field? Do you know how you stack up against the competition?

Deltek has assembled a starting lineup of first-string analysts, experts and industry thought leaders to discuss how the results of sequestration will trickle down to your region. Hear what they have to say and make a play to not only survive, but thrive in this next phase of federal budget decisions.

Surviving Sequestration Road Tour in a city near you:

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4th Annual Clarity Government Contracting Survey

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Annual study of top performance benchmarks in government contracting.

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Free Federal Regional Outlook Reports

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Deltek’s Federal Regional Outlook reports provide insight into agency spending trends, key contractors working in the region, and future business opportunities.

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Sequestration Resource Center

Come out of Sequestration a Winner – put Deltek in your starting lineup!

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