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Deltek will be coming to the city near year to present the following:

  • Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Survey

    Come see how your company stacks up against the competition!    The Deltek Clarity Government Contracting Survey provides insight and analysis on trends in the industry and outlines the top operational, compliance, program management and business development performance benchmarks that characterize successful government contractors from around the country. The 4th annual research study will illustrate how government contracting firms manage their businesses in the current industry landscape, and outline what strategies companies are employing to succeed in this market, how performance is trending and what to expect from contractors in the future.  Come see how your company stacks up against the competition! 

    • Contract win rates remain statistically unchanged.  Small firms stood out with more than half reporting an increased win rate and one-third saying their win rate jumped more than 10%

    • 14% of all firms say less than half their projects are on or under budget. These numbers closely align with data from two and three years ago, suggesting last year’s near-elimination of this category was an anomaly

    • Small companies saw a significant increase in the number reporting 0-4% profit margins – 46% this year, up from 26% last year.

    • Average monthly invoice cycle inched down to 11.7 days from 12.2 last year while days sales outstanding (DSO) bumped up to 43.7 days

    • 76% of companies responding claimed they experienced some form of audit last year. The types of audits ran a very large spectrum

    • Large firms are becoming more active on the Risk Mitigation front with 70$ of companies reporting they have active Risk Initiatives at the organization or divisional level.  This is up from 50% last year.  

  • Federal Regional Outlook

    With Congress allowing the government sequester, 2013 is looking to be a challenging year for government contractors. Learn more about the impact sequester cuts and appropriations, as well as the outlook for FY 2014. Dive deeper into some of the major cuts and areas that have been more protected from sequestration.

    Discuss other legislative and policy trends, including Congressman Issa’s proposed legislation to reform government technology. Discussions will also impacts on spends and trends in your city/region and what companies can and should do to survive and thrive despite sequestration.

  • Government Contracting Landscape Panel Discussion

    The ripple effects are changing the game for agencies and governments at every level. Come hear a panel of local industry experts discuss the changes and strategies they’re deploying to stand out from the competition.  

  • Who should attend?
    The program includes content for Finance, Program Management, Contract Management, Capture and Business Development professionals.

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