Deltek Webinar: The New GovWin IQ

Deltek Webinar: The New GovWin IQ

After countless meetings with clients to get their feedback, Deltek is excited to announce the new GovWin IQ - helping you make better decisions, faster.

Listen to the free webinar to hear about the new GovWin IQ for Federal and State & Local opportunities, including enhanced design and interface features, introduction of analytics and visualization tools, and a new mobile version.

Learn about these exciting new GovWin IQ Features:

  • Tabbed interface to quickly access information and analysis
  • “At a Glance” feature to qualify opportunities and make pursuit decisions
  • Mobile access of GovWin IQ from almost any mobile device
  • “Timeline” view to visualize the acquisition cycle and easily access procurement documents

Download today to learn how to grow your pipeline and improve the speed and quality of your government business in FY 2013 with the all new GovWin IQ.

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