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A look at the Justice/Public Safety and Homeland Security market for March

The month of March 2010 saw a number of RFPs for large scale projects be released, as well as several RFI's for projects that will provide upgrades to several state Drivers License Systems. In addition, we saw several states move closer to adopting Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and, as most months do, several state and local governments are looking to upgrade their E-911 equipment. As we move closer to the end of the fiscal year, for some localities, many projects will begin to gear up for the new fiscal year of funding.

This was a big month for state driver's license projects, including a $6 million award to L-1 Secure Credentialing for the New Jersey (Additional information can be found here). In Massachusetts, a Request for information was released last month and responses were due February 22, 2010, for an Automated License and Registration System Modernization Project (ALARS), which will help the state procure a vendor to assist in the modernization project. In addition to the consultant, a solicitation will also be released for Independent Verification and Validation.

In nearby Connecticut, the state is contracted with L-1 through 2013, however, the State plans to issue a solicitation in 2012 for those services. Oklahoma has just issued a Request for Information to obtain the necessary materials to solicit bids for a Digital Drivers License and ID Card System. RFI responses are not due until May, so an RFP is not expected until mid-summer 2010. While the specifications for Massachusetts, Connecticut and Oklahoma are not all fully known, it is likely that these states will adopt more security measures as part of the driver's license system and identification cards.

In addition to these drivers license RFI's, several RFPs were issued on some long standing projects. In New York an RFP was issued for Wireless Broadband Services for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The projects budget is expected to be nearly $20 million and RFPs are due May 17, 2010. GovWin has also been tracking a Computer Aided Dispatch project in Maine since 2007, and on March 17, 2010 the RFP was issued and proposals are due April 27, 2010.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs are currently active in nearly all fifty states, including Texas, however the State may be rebidding their needs in the near future, as the current vendor's contract may expire in 2011. The same is true in Colorado, where the current contract expires in mid-2012, with an RFP being issued in mid-2011. Finally, in Georgia, the State Senate has just passed legislation to allow a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Their PDMP hasn't even been planned, as the law goes into effect July 1, 2010, but GovWin will be seeking additional details as the state progresses with their planning effort.

Some other projects that are in the planning stages are:

While many states, counties and cities struggle with budget gaps, it is clear that certain public safety initiatives are still part of those localities plans. Whether it is statewide license systems, or emergency notification system at a very local level, projects are still being funded, though the same cannot be said for all projects. We should continue to see more projects move forward as the new fiscal years begin in July and when the 2011 earmarks are announced.

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