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A look at the Justice/Public Safety and Homeland Security market for the month of November

Last month, unlike October, the market picked up ever so slightly, even in this down economy. There was a large contract awarded in debt ridden California. Many states, counties and cities are still waiting to pass their budgets as they wait for various appropriations requests to be fulfilled. There have been some delays in grants being awarded and therefore many projects are on hold. Of course the lack of grants is not the only reason for projects being placed on the backburner – some localities are being cautious in releasing solicitations that may have to wait until next fiscal year before they are funded. Across the board, states are being careful, but when money does come along in the form of a grant, they surely are not afraid to spend it.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles for awarded a contract for a Driver's License ID Cards .The statewide license contract was awarded to L-1 Secure Credentialing, Inc. for $62 million over the 9 year term. The new driver's license cards are expected to be more secure and provide features that go along with some of the REAL ID requirements. Despite California's budget woes, this was a necessity and not just pie in the sky project.

California was not the only state to tackle their licensing needs. In Minnesota, the Department of Public Safety issued an RFI as part of the License and Registration System (MNLARS) project. Responses for the RFI are due in mid-December 2009, and the agency expects to issue an RFP for the system in the second quarter of 2010. Early estimates put the project at $30 million. While REAL ID requirements may being passed on by some states, it is important to note that states are still looking to increase the security surrounding license issuance and licensing systems.

Over the course of the past month, GovWin uncovered several new projects, including a number of radio projects, and 9-1-1 projects, along with a number of others. Here are some of those projects:

As we look to the final month of the year, many localities have a number of projects awaiting decision on contract awards. Many of these projects are reliant on grants and other funding. Just like in any other down economic time, localties rely on that federal money to purchase both their necessities and projects that may have been constantly on a backburner for years. The latter is still going to have to wait, but states will continue to issues solicitation, in the hope that four or six months down the road, and next fiscal year, the money will be available to bring more radio capacity, more 911 coverage or strengthen the security of drivers licensing.

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