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Agencies are unable to comply with Identity credential issuance deadline

With OMB's October 27 identity card issuance deadline having come and gone, the federal government did not meet its goal of issuing credentials to all employees and contractors with 15-years of experience or less. Just days before the deadline, OMB issued memo M-08-01 reminding agencies that the October 27 deadline was still in effect and if they expected to miss it they were to indicate so and update their plan with a revised schedule.

GovWin first highlighted the struggle agencies were facing in complying with the HSPD-12 mandate in its October 17, GovWin/Output report, Vendor Opportunities Emerge Out of HSPD-12 Delays. The report not only highlights the reason why most federal agencies fell short of the HSPD-12 goal, but explains that in by doing so new opportunities for vendors in the identity and access management market will continue to surface.

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