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As Virginia Works To Become More Efficient, Will Contracting Opportunities Follow?

With numerous states facing a deepening budget crisis like none seen in the past few decades, several governors are facing a long, upward battle to achieve fiscal health, and are worried that their states may not achieve pre-recession revenue levels for the foreseeable future. As a result, many governors are taking proactive measures to streamline and downsize government, while aiming to make their states more efficient.
One state which has been doing a great job in terms of improving efficiency is Virginia. Immediately after taking office, Governor Bob McDonnell went on the offensive to improve Virginia’s efficiency, and established the Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring which developed strategies to cut state spending by 2 percent, or roughly $100 million. Overall, the commission made 133 recommendations to reform government, while reducing costs and improving delivery of services, and plans to make further recommendations moving forward.
Besides the above efforts, Virginia is also one of the most efficient states on a statistical basis, according to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau. The Census data, which revolves around federal aid and state budget efficiency, can be a good indicator of how various states will go about making contracting-related purchases and procurement decisions over the next several years (see previous GovWin analysis, here and here).  
Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see if Virginia’s efficiency efforts will translate into increased funding and procurement opportunities for vendors, or if the state will continue make further cuts to reduce costs and streamline operations.  
Below are the top 10 GovWin-tracked opportunities for the state of Virginia (listed by award value) over the next several years:
1.         Statewide Computers Peripherals COTS Software and Related Services; Value: $350 million;
2.         Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Program; Value: $130 million;
3.         Electronic Payment Card Services; Value: $60 million;
4.         Radio Communications System Replacement; Value: $37+ million;
5.         Mapper Conversion; Value: $34+ million;
6.         Computer Aided Dispatch Records Management and Mobile Data System Replacement; Value: $30 million;
7.         Replace and Upgrade Public Safety Systems; Value: $30 million;
8.         Electronic Benefit Transfer Services (EBT); Value: $30 million;
9.         Statewide Printer and Copiers; Value: $30 million;
10         Replace Public Safety Radio System; Value: $22 million.
Note: Subscribers have access to comprehensive data and analysis for each opportunity including anticipated awards, requirements, and related dates, here.




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