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Crime Prevention Month: Ask an analyst

Since 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) has designated October as Crime Prevention Month. State and local agencies, schools and other organizations spend the month increasing awareness and highlighting crime prevention and reduction efforts nationwide.
Last year, Deltek celebrated the month by issuing a series of blogs, each focusing on a different area of crime prevention. The technologies our analysts reported on last year included surveillance cameras and closed-circuit television (CCTV), red-light cameras, and predictive policing, all of which remain vital technologies to crime prevention at the state and local level.
This year, Deltek will again report on the abovementioned technologies, in addition to state and local public safety personnel and grants that may be able to assist agencies in implementing new systems. Grants are essential to state and local governments, and with dwindling grant funds compared to previous years, agencies and vendors will have to work harder to do more with even less.
In conjunction with the blogs, our analysts will also be filming a video panel series that delves into a variety of issues surrounding crime prevention at a high level, as well as detailing specific technologies. In order to engage the community, as is the goal of Crime Prevention Month, we will be accepting questions via email and on our Twitter account (@GovWinPubSafety). We will provide a follow-up blog answering questions shortly after. Stay tuned.

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