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DHS releases grant application guidance for $2.7 billion in FY10 grant programs

On Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano released their FY 2010 grant guidance for 13 DHS-specific grant programs. The grants totaled more than $2.7 billion in assistance to state, local, tribal and territorial, and private sector partners. The grants, like always, aim to fund projects that improve national security, enhance emergency capabilities, and assist in the preparation and mitigation of emergencies. The grant guidance can be found HERE and below is a list of the grant programs and their funding amounts.

-Homeland Security Grant Program- $1.78 billion and includes the following:

  • State Homeland Security Program ($842 million)
  • Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) ($832.5 million)
  • Operation Stonegarden ($60 million)
  • Metropolitan Medical Response System Program ($39.3 million)
  • Citizen Corps Program ($12.4 million)

-Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program ($19 million)

-UASI Nonprofit Security Grant Program ($19 million)

-Emergency Management Performance Grant Program ($329 million)

-Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program ($48 million)

-Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program ($33.6 million)

-Emergency Operations Center Grant Program ($57.6 million)

-Buffer Zone Protection Program ($48 million)

-Driver's License Security Grant Program ($48 million)

-Port Security Grant Program ($288 million)

-Intercity Bus Security Grant Program ($11.5 million)

-Freight Rail Security Grant Program ($15 million)

-Intercity Passenger Rail Grant Program ($20 million)

The total of these grants represents a roughly 13% decrease from FY 2009 levels. Priorities are clearly changing within DHS as some grant programs have seen decreases like the Port Security Grant Program, while others are seeing increases like the Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program and the Emergency Operations Center Grant Program. Vendors should work quickly with their public sector counterparts to ensure that applications are submitted on time as some grant programs have application deadlines of January 2010.

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