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Florida Department of Law Enforcement releases 5-year Long Range Plan

In September 2010, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) released its Fiscal Year 2011-12 through Fiscal Year 2015-16 Long-Range Program Plan. This document is a goal-based plan that identifies the agency's priorities, goals, and objectives for the next five years. Below, you will find a list of agency goals and objectives as outlined in the long range plan. For a more detailed analysis of the report which includes agency line items and the impact they have on vendors along with a budget analysis of the FDLE's recommended budget, please see GovWin's State and Local Analyst Perspective on this topic.

FDLE goals and associated objectives (FY 2011-12 to FY 2015-16):

Goal 1: Ensure the detection of crime, investigation of criminal activity, and apprehension of suspected criminals

  • Objective I: Conduct effective criminal investigations
  • Objective II: Provide timely and quality forensic and investigative assistance
  • Objective III: Promote availability and effective use of criminal justice information and intelligence

Goal 2: Support the prosecution of criminal cases

  • Objective IV: Ensure the effectiveness and quality of evidence collection, analysis, and processes
  • Objective V: Provide timely and useful criminal justice information in support of criminal prosecutions

Goal 3: Prevent crime and promote public safety

  • Objective VI: Promote professionalism in the criminal justice community and ensure well-trained criminal justice professionals
  • Objective VII: Support local law enforcement and criminal justice agencies through enhanced information sharing
  • Objective VIII: Provide programs and strategies to enhance agency cooperation and coordination
  • Objective IX: Provide improved public access to information about crime and criminals

Goal 4: Prevent and respond to threats against domestic security and other disasters

  • Objective X: Provide intelligence and promote information sharing among local and state domestic security partners to prevent acts of terrorism
  • Objective XI: Protect, police, and secure the Capitol Complex

Given the information above, it is clear that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is eager to streamline communication and data sharing efforts across the state through the development and deployment of mission-critical networks. Tools such as the FCIC, CCH, DNA Database, InSite (Florida Intelligence System), and dFACTS (distributed Factual Analysis Criminal Threat Solution) are properly enhancing the everyday capabilities of state and local law enforcement. Vendors have recognized this and Florida continues to be a hot area for public safety IT business. Over the next five years, vendors will need to be on top of their game as Florida has shown to possess the desire to be on the cutting edge of policing and domestic security. It will be vital for vendors to showcase the newest in policing technology, but also showcase "hard ROIs" that bend the curve in agency expenditures and crime. By providing FDLE with this data upfront, vendors could see themselves lock up long-term contracts that are critical in an agency expecting to see a $14 million budget cut.

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