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GAO: National broadband network won’t replace current land mobile radio systems

According to a recently-released GAO report, the newly-proposed national public safety broadband network would not be able to support mission-critical voice capabilities of land mobile radio (LMR) systems for the foreseeable future. The broadband network would be a supplement that would enhance interoperability and increase data transfer rates of current LMR systems. Public safety agencies will continue to have to invest in LMR devices for what looks to be at least another 10 years. GAO believes public safety agencies probably overpay for LMR technology, and will continue to do so unless agencies collaborate and procure together.


The public safety and homeland security industry continues to grow as technologies advance. State and local government spending in this area has fluctuated regularly, but over the next decade, growth should remain steady, especially when including local spending. Deltek tracks these state and local projects and provides thoughtful analysis. In the public safety communication industry, Deltek is currently tracking more than 500 radio system projects throughout the country, including key projects in New York and Iowa.


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