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General Government Top Upcoming Opportunities Roundup: Northeast

Over the next 6-12 months, a multitude of contracting opportunities will be coming down the pipeline for vendors providing IT solutions. Here is a roundup of some of the largest and most lucrative projects GovWin is currently tracking:

New York


Tracked Opportunity 78417: Transforming New York’s Information Technology Environment

New York is in the midst of completely revamping the procurement process for IT and IT-related services. In early August 2011, the state released a request for information (RFI) asking vendors for advice on how best to proceed with future solicitations regarding data center consolidation, voice over Internet telecommunications, identity and access management, as well as enterprise-wide procurement strategies for IT hardware, software and services. While this RFI will not lead to a comprehensive formal solicitation for these services, it will serve as a vehicle for future requests for proposals (RFPs) and RFIs, including opportunities for IT Office and Equipment and Cloud Computing that GovWin is already tracking.



Tracked Opportunity 65001: IT Hardware Services, Computers and Servers

The Executive Office of Administration and Finance for Massachusetts has decided to consolidate a handful of major statewide hardware contracts into a single term contract. Contracts ITC16, ITC16A and ITC36 are all scheduled to expire and will be replaced by contract ITC47 for hardware services, computers and servers. This opportunity has been valued at more than $630 million. A draft request for responses was released by the state to be evaluated by vendors. A formal solicitation is expected to be released in mid-October.


Tracked Opportunity 66804: Network Services

Originally, this opportunity began with a 2010 notice by the Massachusetts Operational Services Division for Telecommunications Network Services for telecommunications equipment, maintenance, implementation services, and related supplies for communication, voice, data, paging, IP, Web, and radio. However, in April 2011, the state modified the notice while simultaneously bumping the expected value of the contract from $250 million to $350 million. The state confirmed the scope of the services desired was expanded and delayed a solicitation release by several months. Since receiving vendor feedback through several meetings and an August 2011 RFI, the state has increased the overall value of this contract again to $600 million. A solicitation release is expected within the next 2-3 months.




Tracked Opportunity 75693: Outsourcing of Mainframe and Midrange Computer Operations and Support

In 1998, the Pennsylvania Office of Administration contracted with Unisys to manage and support data center operations. In 2008, the state extended that incumbent agreement until 2014. However, the Office of Administration has begun initiating the first steps in re-soliciting these services well before the contract expires in order to ensure continuity of services. In August 2011, a request for quotes (RFQ) was released on the state bid page for data center strategy and advisory services. The company that wins this contract will assist the state in planning and implementing its long-term data center strategy, including gathering business requirements and drafting a rebid. According to a project timeline released at the RFQ pre-proposal conference, the solicitation for data center operations and support is scheduled for release in March 2012.




Tracked Opportunity 42488: Enterprise Resource Planning System

GovWin has been tracking this project for the better part of four years, ever since a July 2007 announcement by the Prince George’s County Purchasing Office stated it would be releasing a solicitation for consultant services to help plan for the procurement of a document management/enterprise content management system. After four years of delays and budget issues, an RFQ was finally released in August 2011 for a program manager to assist the county during implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Originally the county intended to release a solicitation for ERP implementation concurrently with the program manager RFQ, but it appears the consultant portion will be procured before proceeding with the implementation. A solicitation for this project is expected to be released in Q4 2011.


Tracked Opportunity 58467: Statewide Human Resources Information System Integration

In May 2009, the Maryland Department of Budget and Management procured software for a new comprehensive human resources information system (HRIS). The integration portion of this project was not included in the requirements for software purchase. For reasons unspecified (most likely budget woes), procurement for integration services has been delayed, but it now appears the state is ramping up activity through its consulting and technical services contracting vehicle. Several RFQs for support personnel have been released by the state over the past year to provide services for the new HRIS. As of now, a comprehensive integration solicitation is scheduled for release by the end of this year, but a recent RFQ for a lead developer/consultant for the project was cancelled this past week. The state has not yet responded to inquiries concerning why or what effect this may have on the integration timeline.




Tracked Opportunity 43478: Statewide Telecommunications Voice Systems

Since 2006, Delaware’s Department of Administrative Services has contracted with a number of vendors under Contract 06455RH for telecom voice services. Since May 2011, the state has confirmed it is working on drafting a rebid solicitation for these services. However, the scope of the requirements is apparently undergoing a significant rewrite, and it is not clear what shape the new opportunity will take. The release date has been pushed back several times over the past two months and is now tentatively scheduled for sometime in October.


New Jersey:


Tracked Opportunity 7786: Statewide Telecommunications Data Services

For the past 12 years, the state of New Jersey has contracted with AT&T and Verizon to provide data telecommunications and high-speed internet services to state government agencies. Though the state appears to be happy with the services it has received (exercising 11 renewal options since 2000), there have been signs over the last year that a potential rebid is in the works. In August 2010, an RFI was released for data and “Centrex-like” voice services, with the intention of gathering business requirements for a new solicitation. In May 2011, GovWin received confirmation that a solicitation is under development by the Treasury Department, but undisclosed difficulties have pushed a release back on several occasions. As of now, the state expects to release a rebid for this project sometime in Q4 2011.


 Together, these opportunities represent an estimated value of more than $2.1 billion, and none of them have a formal solicitation out on the street yet. As always, GovWin will continue to monitor these opportunities and others for additional information in the months and years ahead.





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