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Gov. Cuomo lays out ambitious agenda for New York state

As you probably know, GovWin compiles (with a keen eye toward IT implications) the major initiatives announced as part of the governors' state of the state addresses and other speeches where they detail their agendas. New York state's Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) kicked off the speechifying season with his New Year's day address. In a year where most pundits are expecting nothing but gloom and doom, he layed out an agenda that was equal parts retrenchment and ambition.

Here are a few select highlights from among the 23 key agenda items.

  • Create regional economic development councils that are empowered to allocate resources.
  • This administration will propose the Spending and Government Efficiency ("SAGE") Commission whose charge will be to undertake a comprehensive review of every agency of state government and recommend structural and operational changes to it. It will reduce the number of agencies, authorities, commissions by 20 percent.
  • Competitive funds, totaling $500 milliion, to incentivize management improvements and complement the objectives of the Race to the Top program.
  • "Create the "Share NY Food" Community Supported Agriculture ("CSA") program. CSAs are partnerships between farmers and customers where consumers purchase a season's worth of crops in advance. Expanding opportunities for the acceptance of SNAP and WIC EBT cards at farmers markets."

I'll admit that I take pride in the last bullet item. Last may I blogged about a similar initiative in western North Carolina that was attended by a USDA deputy secretary. Who'd have thought it would become a major initiative in the Empire State? You'll always hear it here first.

To see the rest of Gov. Cuomo's agenda (and to follow our national coverage in real time) click here*.

(*Note: Subscription to GovWin State & Local Industry Analysis required.)

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