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Great day for 10 states: HHS releases $230 million for health insurance exchange efforts

Today, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded 10 additional states funding under the Level One and Two establishment grants. Grant awards amount to approximately $230 million. Interestingly enough, Arkansas, which has opted for the federal exchange, is among the awardees. Legislation to establish an insurance exchange failed to pass in the state last year; however, the state is still determining its role in utilizing the federal option. The establishment grants are used to help states build functions to operate under a statewide exchange, partnership exchange, or to support activities to build interfaces with a federally-facilitated exchange.
HHS, in conjunction with the Department of Treasury, also revealed its finalized proposed ruling, which outlines the steps states may take to obtain a State Innovation Waiver under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This option gives states more flexibility to pursue innovative strategies to ensure their residents have access to quality, affordable health insurance. Under the new proposed rule, states would be allowed to change benefit levels or add new ones to plans offered in their insurance exchanges. The waivers would be provided for up to five years, with an option to renew.
Here’s a quick summary of today’s awards:
Arkansas: $7.7 million
Colorado: $18 million
Massachusetts: $11.6 million
New Jersey: $7.7 million
Pennsylvania: $33.8 million
Kentucky: $57.9 million
Minnesota: $26.1 million
Nevada: $15.3 million
New York: $48.5 million
Tennessee: $2.2 million
Be sure to download a copy of Deltek’s recently-published report, “Evolving Health Insurance Exchange”, which takes a deep dive into implementation statuses and strategies across the states in this effort. And, as always, follow us on Twitter @GovWin_HHS, or connect with us through LinkedIn.


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