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IT Implications of Rahm Emanuel's Victory in Chicago

Rahm Emanuel's victory in this Tuesday's election for mayor of Chicago, bodes well for IT vendors. His campaign agenda was filled with items in the Community Development, Economic Development/Regulation, General Government Services, and Justice/Public Safety verticals. His victory, along with Mayor Gray's (2010) in Washington, D.C., proves that IT remains a key area of investment for America's major cities despite the economic downturn. As with the election of Gov. Quinn (2010), the spotlight is on procurement reform and ethics for government as the state and city seek to reverse their historic (and somewhat overblown) reputations for corruption.

Below are a sample of the agenda items culled from mayor-elect Emanuel's campaign platform with the most direct IT implications.

Community Development

Help all building owners by expediting the development of an online one-stop-shop for building owners.

Make the zoning and business license process more transparent.

Create an online portal to track zoning decisions

Economic Development/Regulation

Cut bureaucratic red tape and streamline business permitting, regulation and inspections.

Make it easier to work with the City establishing an on-line, one stop for businesses.

General Government Services

Overhaul Chicago's broken procurement process.

Make Chicago's contracting process fair and efficient to save $20 million

Open city budget data to public review.

Create an online database of lobbyist activity.

Rein in no-bid contracts and increase transparency.

Crack down on abuse of minority-and women-owned business status.

Enhance compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Make all TIF information available for taxpayer scrutiny and move TIFs "on budget."

Justice/Public Safety

Integrate child intervention programs across departments.

Increase efforts to trace weapons that are used in crimes and push to publicly release that information.

To help cops on the beat, Rahm secured funding for CLEAR – a computerized information system that improves information sharing between criminal justice agencies at the local, state and federal level.

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