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LA RICS Update

The Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA RICS) procurement is, without a doubt, 2010's largest public safety technology project and continues to garner headlines even after the request for proposals (RFP) process closed on August 4, 2010. This week, the LA RICS Authority was awarded $154,640,000 in federal grant funding for the LA-SafetyNet project. This grant provides the LA RICS project with the necessary funding to utilize its FCC waiver for the 700MHZ spectrum for broad banding. The 700MHZ spectrum will serve as the backbone for a variety of LA RICS applications, including:

• Improved computer-aided dispatch systems

• Real-time streaming video

• Rapid searches of law enforcement records

• Patient tracking applications

In terms of the procurement process, proposal evaluation is currently in high gear. Proposals are being reviewed by a seven-member evaluation team. With an estimated $600 million contract at stake, the procurement "cone of silence" is in full effect. The members of the team are anonymous and working at an undisclosed location. The evaluation process is expected to be complete by December 2010, with contract negotiations lasting until August 2011. This period falls in line with the annual Association of Public Safety Communications Officials' (APCO) national conference. Since APCO gathers all of the key players in the public safety communications industry, it will be interesting to observe attendee reactions should an award be announced during the conference (or at least observing the reps of submitting companies furiously checking their BlackBerrys).

The vendor who wins this contract will have plenty to celebrate in terms of new business, along with a tremendous amount of work ahead of them. I will continue to follow this project closely, so expect to see more LA RICS coverage on GovWin's blog in the coming months.

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Any knowledge of which vendor was awarded the project ?
# Posted By Daniel Howland | 11/24/10 9:52 AM
The LA RICS Board is now estimating that RFP evaluations will be completed sometime in January, but I won’t be surprised if that gets pushed back another month or two.
# Posted By Justin Spratley | 12/20/10 10:06 AM
Hi Justin, I realize you are closely following the LA-RICS project. Have there been any award updates since your last post on December 20, 2010?
# Posted By Stan La Ferr | 1/17/11 6:59 PM
From the most recent LA RICS Board meeting “The evaluation is in its final stages. The vendors’ demos are anticipated to be held on the 18th, 19th, 25th, and the 26th of January; however, the demos may be delayed.
The last day of scoring will be either the end of January or possibly the first week of February.
Then the Evaluation Team will disband to get ready for negotiations.” The board meets again this Thursday, February 3rd, so it is possible more information will be released at that time.
# Posted By Justin Spratley | 1/31/11 12:16 PM