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Louisiana Plans for an Electronic Behavioral Health Record System

In Louisiana, the state Offices of Mental Health and Addictive Disorders are seeking to integrate their information management systems through the implementation of an Electronic Behavioral Health Record (EHR) system which will enable the sharing of data across disability areas.

The Office of Mental Health (OMH) is currently soliciting a consultant to provide technical assistance in the procurement and implementation of an EHR. Proposals were due by January 23, 2009 and are currently under evaluation. The awardee will assist the office in writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the actual system.

Details on the EHR procurement (GovWin Opportunity # 53404):

Purpose: OMH is in the process of transforming centrally-managed regional mental health, addictive disorders and developmental disabilities services programs to locally-operated human services districts over the next three years. To facilitate the operations and reporting requirements of the local districts the Office is seeking to implement a standardized, interoperable EHR system.

Scope of Work: The Office is seeking a scalable, enterprise-wide system which can support the needs of community-based behavioral health services, as well as, enabling continuity-of-care with affiliated programs, including psychiatric hospitals and acute inpatient care settings. Further requirements will be determined once the technical consultant is selected and engages in the needs assessment and evaluation.

Funding/Contract Value: GovWin estimates the value of the EHR implementation project will be approximately $2 million to $4 million based on similar projects with a likeness in size and scope.

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