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Missouri & Kansas Award Contracts Valued at Over $127 Million

Recently, two projects of unequivocal price from Kansas and Missouri were awarded at a value of $40 million and $87 million respectfully. These projects are outlined below:

Project 2010 Replacement of VIPS KDLS and KVIS in the Kansas State Department was awarded to 3M at the value of $40 Million dollars. This project was contracted to replace the Vehicle Information Processing System (VIPS), the Kansas Drivers License System (KDLS) and the Kansas Vehicle Inventory System (KVIS). The primary requirement for this project was Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). To implement this project, a feasibility Study was first solicited in September of 2006, and awarded to Webelan Inc., who completed the study November of 2007 for a value of $196,000. The Solicitation for this project was released the following October 20, 2008, once funding was allotted. A conference was held, and 5 addenda were released (including a list of pre-proposal attendees, additional information regarding Real ID compliant changes and a workflow prototype diagram, and 3 Q&A documents) before proposals were due January 7, 2009. Project 2010 Replacement was finally awarded August 1, 2009. In order to fund such a large project, the State had to wait for funding from the state legislature, which met in January of 2008. They passed House Bill No. 2542 which created the Division of Vehicles Modernization Fund that provided support in the creation, finding, and maintenance of the project. To generate funding for the project, the legislation passed a surcharge on vehicle registration to generate the (estimated at the time) $40 million they would need to complete the project. Go to this Opportunity for more information.

The Design and Build State VHF Trunked Radio System in the Missouri State Department was awarded to Motorola at the value of $87 million dollars, for duration of 36 months (base). This project was part of the State Capitol Improvement Plan ($111 million over 10 years), and was contracted to design and build a statewide hybrid VHF trunked radio system, replacing the previous 50-year-old system. To implement this project, the State used consulting services twice before releasing an RFP. In 2004 the State contracted the Titan Corporation to conduct an Emergency Communications Interoperability Study.This revealed that many of the radios used by other agencies are more than 20 years old and have passed their life expectancy. Then in 2007 L.R. Kimball and Associates provided the assistance required to determine the needs of the State, and then assisted in the development of the formal solicitation for this communications system. The Solicitation was released July 8, 2008 and 5 addendum were released (including an extension of the proposal due date, pre-bid attendee list, clarifications, modifications, and a Q&A document) before proposals were due on October 7, 2009. The Budget Committee approved the $111 million for the State Capitol Improvement Plan on May 5, 2009 and finally, the contract was then awarded June 27, 2009. Go to this Opportunity for more information.

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