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Nevada seeking assistance for corporate medical exchange

A unique opportunity is coming down the pipeline for the Silver State. The Nevada Department of Administration, on behalf of the Public Employees’ Benefits Program (PEBP), released a request for information (RFI) on Monday for corporate medical exchange services. According to the PEBP, the future solution will provide health insurance and related benefits to about 31,000 state employees and non-state retirees who are not eligible for Medicare. 

Consumers using the future system should have a choice of coverage options, in which plans will range from consumer-driven health plans, to PPO and HMO coverage models. Access will be another important component to the corporate exchange as the state would like the solution to provide ample access to a high-quality network of providers.

Nevada swiftly implemented Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements by contracting a health insurance exchange (HIX) vendor, Xerox, in June 2012. Now, the state is the first to publically and competitively solicit information for corporate medical exchange services. Nevada also recently launched a consumer-facing website, NevadaHealthLink, which will allow customers to compare and shop for qualified health insurance plans.

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