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Pennsylvania State Police Release RFP for Replacement of CLEAN Legacy Message Switch System

On May 23, 2008, the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) released a solicitation for a replacement of its legacy message switch system entitled "Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network" (CLEAN). The CLEAN system has provided justice information exchange consistently and reliably to the Commonwealth for over 35 years. This system is further used to connect to the FBI and NLETS, at a rate of 1.2 million transactions daily.

The CLEAN Services Project's (CSP) purpose is to modernize the entire CLEAN platform into a fully open architecture and up-to-date environment that will accommodate 21st Century technology. These improvements will facilitate the implementation of requisite state and federal security enhancements. PSP is seeking a solution that will provide a new switch, new user interface, new databases with conversion of existing data, enhanced security, and enhanced administration. This solution must also meet existing state and federal requirements and standards, with each component being completed in logical phased approach.

The CSP will include the following components:

  • Switch/Bridge,
  • Portal/User Interface,
  • Database/Hot Files/Application,
  • Administration,
  • Network/Infrastructure,
  • Security, and
  • Project Management.

This is a large undertaking for the State Police, and GovWin has estimated that this project will cost around $7 million. This project is expected to have many big-name vendors involved such as Unisys (who currently holds a contract for this system), EDS, and possibly Bio-Key (State's provider of mobile data computers).

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