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Rapidly Responding to the R23G Surprises

Earlier this week, the U.S. Army's Communications and Electronic Command's (CECOM) much anticipated follow-on to CECOM's Rapid Response Program (CR2), Rapid Response – Third Generation (R2-3G) publicly posted award notices.

R2-3G provides a streamlined task order process that allows agencies to rapidly obtain contractor services in support of urgent requirements. A total of seven contracts have been awarded with a combined ceiling value of $16.4 billion over a five year performance period. Vendors awarded on the R2-3G program include Raytheon Company, Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, Computer Sciences Corporation, General Dynamics Global Force, Adams Communications & Engineering Technology (an 8a veteran-owned small business) and R4 Inc (a service disabled veteran-owned small business).

The most surprising element of this awarded contractor's listing is not whose names are on it, but the CR2 incumbents whose names are not; specifically, ARINC and VSE Corporation. ARINC, a top contractor on CR2, had accumulated over $1.84 billion in tracked obligated funding to date. At this point, it is unclear as to why ARINC was not included in the follow-on vehicle. As of 2:15 PM EST this afternoon, a protest has not been filed with the GAO but perhaps one will be posted shortly. VSE's total obligated value for CR2 task orders to date stands at $1.68B, a momentum that appears to have been gained post Lockheed Martin's inability to obtain additional work (based on the reach of the program ceiling).

So what can we expect from this next generation of awardees? If the spending pattern remains the same for R23G as it was for CR2, Lockheed Martin will hit the ground running. Under CR2, it won over 90% of awarded work serving to fulfill materiel requirements at Army as well as other Defense agencies.

Since FY03, CECOM has awarded 1,636 task orders through CR2 totaling over $11 billion in obligated funding. The system includes analysis of task orders issued through the end of January 2009 and will run concurrently with the vehicle's January 2011 expiration date.

GovWin's Federal Task Order database has information on 1,636 CR2 task order awards including 1,564 statements of work along with details on over 13,000 CR2 task order modifications. According to the database, there are 344 task orders that will expire between now and January 30, 2011 including Northrop Grumman's $250 million task order for aircraft survivability equipment.

As deadlines and ceiling values approach, CECOM will need to start seeking new options for completing these tasks which opens the door for vendors to go after the recompete work. GovWin's Federal Task Order Database is designed to help companies identify possible teaming and recompete opportunities.

Top CR2 Contractors (by Obligations to date):

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According to the GAO Protest Docket, a protest was filed by ARINC Engineering Services, LLC on May 19, 2009. A decision is anticipated to be made by August 27, 2009. See OppID #38245 for more information.
# Posted By Kate Kula | 5/21/09 1:34 PM
You need to check GAO.GOV, there are a ton of protests now. This is held up until October.
# Posted By Pete Capozzoli | 6/30/09 9:55 AM
I hear Government is asking companies to submit the proposala again arising out of GSA verdict. Please update with the current information. Thanks,
# Posted By Jay Kasi | 9/10/09 5:07 PM