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Republican Bobby Jindal is Governor-Elect in Louisiana

Bobby Jindal (R) won the open primary yesterday with 53 percent of the vote, avoiding a run-off election in November. His platform included 7 major issues -- hurricane recovery, health care, economic reform, education, crime and safety, government spending, and ethics. Jindal's proposed solutions to these issues include several technology components in the area of homeland security:

Hurricane Recovery

  • Work with parish and local officials to conduct semi-annual audits of the state's emergency response plan
  • Ensure that vital records are protected during an evacuation
  • Make explicit the command and control structure during an emergency

Health Care

The United Health Foundation rated Louisiana worst in the nation in overall health outcomes yet the state ranks 11th in Medicaid spending per capita and 24 percent of all adults in the state are not covered by health insurance. Jindal published a comprehensive action plan to improve health care in Louisiana, which includes:

  • Promoting health information technology solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of care by taking advantage of U.S. Department of
  • Health and Human Services (HHS) grants to implement electronic medical records in emergency rooms and consider using bonus Medicaid payments as an incentive to providers to invest in electronic patient records
  • Targeting and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in the state's Medicaid program
  • Promoting transparency in health costs and treatment by incorporating health data on an understandable web site

Economic Reform

Since 1980, Louisiana has had the third lowest rate of population growth in the country and attracts fewer college-educated workers than any other state in the nation. In order to create an environment attractive to business, Jindal proposes:

  • Strengthening small business by providing a web-based resource center that makes navigating through the various permitting, tax forms and licensing processes easier
  • Creating an online one-stop shop to learn about and apply for all available incentives so the state can better attract employers

  • Encouraging state universities to be leaders in technology transfer and commercialization


More than 20 percent of all Louisianans do not have a high school diploma and almost 8 percent of students drop out each year. To improve educational outcomes, Jindal proposes:

  • Improving online communications between parents and teachers
  • Improving technology utilization in public schools, including virtual classrooms, Internet-connected chalk boards, online courses, and electronic tutoring
  • Improving teacher training by offering online courses that will help them succeed

Crime and Safety

Louisiana is the second most dangerous state in the nation and first in per capita homicides. Jindal's plan for improving the safety of Louisiana's residents includes:

  • Requiring life-time registration of all sex offenders
  • Expanding GPS monitoring of sex offenders

  • Working with local officials to develop local Internet crime task forces across the state to stop online sexual predators

  • Establishing the Governor's Criminal Hot Spot Initiative by partnering with local law enforcement to create interactive, real-time crime maps to identify high crime areas and increase surveillance in those areas
  • Better tracking of information collected by retailers of over-the-counter drugs used to make methamphetamines
  • Improving coordination between prosecutors and federal, state and local law enforcement to better share intelligence
  • Developing an accessible state-of-the-art criminal database that will allow all levels of local law enforcement to better track criminals, arrests, prosecutions and convictions
  • Ensuring a secure and reliable communications network for first responders to use in times of emergency

Controlling State Spending

Louisiana state government spending has tripled in the last 12 years according to the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) and employs over 100,000 people or 1 out of every 42 people living in the state. In order to rein in state spending, Jindal proposes:

  • Issuing annual public reports online of all state grants by funding source, agency, parish, and type of service provided
  • Improving public access to current grant databases to make it a state-of-the-art, easy to navigate resource that provides full disclosure of grants, contracts and bond allocations
  • Requiring each state department to conduct regular customer service surveys and post the results on the department's web site
  • Pursuing and expanding usage of new technologies and best practices to provide improved services at reduced cost Requirin disclosure of all state contracts with vendors so the public know who is providing services to public entities and at what cost to
  • the taxpayer
  • Requiring all Legislative floor proceedings and committee hearings to be broadcast free of charge over the Internet

The Center for Public Integrity gave Louisiana failing grades in legislator personal financial disclosure and lobbyist spending disclosure. Forbes magazine ranks the state next to last as a place to do business. Jindal's plan for ethics reform includes:

  • Requiring lobbyist filings to be electronic and online
  • Providing citizens easy, online access to state government by upgrading Louisiana's sunshine laws and expanding Internet-based access to filings, reports, and announcements in all departments
  • Making all ethics filings immediately available on the Internet

GovWin's Take

Bobby Jindal; Mitch Landrieu (D), Lt. Governor; Jay Dardenne (R), Secretary of State; Jim Donelon (R), Commissioner of Insurance; and several candidates for the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) have avoided a run-off election. However there will be run-off elections for Attorney General, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, and BESE District 5. Like many other Southern states, the large number of statewide elected officials is intended to weaken the power of the governor. Six of the 20 executive branch departments are headed by elected officials other than the governor and the Superintendent of Education is appointed by the BESE, whose members are elected.

While Jindal has an aggressive platform for reforming state government and improving many of the services it provides, it will take a lot of time and effort before Louisiana is considered an easy place in which to do business. Vendors should look for ways to outreach to Jindal's campaign staff and later his transition team to get a jump start on possible new technology projects.

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The article is related to the 7 issues given by Bobby Jindal in his government. The issues are hurricane recovery, health care, crime and safety, education, economic reform, government spending and ethics. He gave solutions for these.
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