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Stimulus Funding Reaches the Virginia Child Care System

The Virginia Department of Social Services is using $14 million in stimulus funding to automate their child care program.

Governor Timothy Kaine of Virginia announced yesterday that $38 million of stimulus funding would be provided to the Virginia child care program. Fourteen million dollars of this grant will be used to create an automated system for administering and tracking payments to child care providers. When fully implemented, the automated system is expected to improve efficiency and accuracy of child care services provided by state and locality workers. The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) has stated that they are looking to move away from the old generation of stovepipe systems towards a more integrated approach for delivery of services that has the ability to interface with existing legacy applications containing related case information. GovWin is tracking the procurement under Opportunity ID #56236. Any interested vendors must register for a mandatory pre-proposal conference by June 9, 2009, which will be held on June 11, 2009. Proposals are due July 21, 2009.

The Child Care and Development Block Grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be used over the next two years to enhance and expand assistance to income-eligible families through the state's child care subsidy program. Virginia is hoping that the increased financial support will expand child care services, reduce match payment requirements of local departments, raise infant reimbursement rates, and increase the overall efficiency of the child care program. The new child care application is also a smaller part of a proposed Enterprise Applications Master Customer ID (MCID), which will eventually create a web-based legacy systems interaction to integrate and update casework information among VDSS welfare and benefit systems.

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