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The IRS’ Web Consolidation Effort

Between 2001 and 2004, Accenture and IBM won Task Orders to provide maintenance and operations support for the IRS' Web Portals Program through their TIPSS-2 contracts. The combined value of the Task Orders awarded to Accenture and IBM was approximately $105M, according to GovWin's Task Order Database.

This program has been highly anticipated by the vendor community since an RFI for this program was released in March, 2005. Since that time, this acquisition has been in limbo and the IRS was unable to provide any substantial updates to this program. Unexpectedly, the IRS made some significant decisions on this program and publicized this information through a series of notices on FBO during October.

The Internal Revenue Service released Special Notices on October 21, 2008 notifying vendors of bridge contracts being awarded to Accenture and IBM for the operations and management of the IRS' web portals. Both bridge contracts are for a period of one base year with two one-year option periods. The purpose of the bridge contracts is to provide time for the IRS to determine the acquisition strategy for their web portals requirements. Currently Accenture is providing hosting, operations, and maintenance support for the Public User Portal (PUP) while IBM is providing support for the Employee User Portal (EUP), and the Registered User Portal (RUP).

At this time, the IRS is performing a Portal Strategic Analysis that will help them determine a competitive procurement strategy for the portal requirements. GovWin is currently tracking two web portal requirements that are currently having their acquisition strategy developed.

  • Public User Portal (PUP) ( Management Services - GovWin Opportunity 51442
  • Employee User Portal (EUP) and Registered User Portal (RUP) Management Services - GovWin Opportunity 51439

For historical information on the IRS' Web Consolidation Project please visit GovWin opportunity 17140.

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