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Top 5 General IT Public Safety Federal Funding Requests for FY 2011

GovWin recently released a report titled "Congressional Public Safety Funding Requests: A $1 Billion Lifeline for IT Projects," which analyzes all FY 2011 public safety appropriations requests.The report provides in-depth information on the 1,257 public safety funding requests totaling $1.29 billion. This week, GovWin is focusing on the top five projects by value for the top five categories (communications, general IT, information sharing, video, and enforcement) outlined in the report. Yesterday, Senior Analyst Jeff Webster reported on communications projects. Today, we highlight the top five general IT projects as defined by GovWin:

Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency - Emergency Operations Center - $12 million

As requested by Sheldon Whitehouse (D) and Jack Reed (D), the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) plans to build and outfit a state emergency operations center (EOC). RIEMA is the state's coordinating agency for all emergencies and is responsible for collaborative communications with all federal, state, and local partners. RIEMA also provides real-time situational awareness to state government.

Randolph County/Southwest Georgia Jail Authority - Jail Technology - $7.1 million

As requested by Sanford Bishop Jr. The purpose of the project is to provide funding for the design and construction of a regional jail for Randolph County, GA

University of Arizona - Border Security and Technology Program - $3 million

As requested by Raul Grijalva, the Border Security and Technology Program (BSTP) will establish a program to identify, evaluate, test and deploy technologies that assist in the effective and efficient management and operation of international borders and ports-of-entry. In addition, the project will facilitate the incubation and commercialization of these technologies while placing special priority on technology being developed by the Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence for Border Security and Immigration, based at the University of Arizona.

County of Lehigh, PA - Software and System Maintenance - $2.5 million

As requested by Arlen Specter (D), funding will be used for software and system maintenance services needed to help establish the Lehigh Valley Regional Crime Center (LVRCC) in Allentown, PA. The center would be a cross-jurisdictional effort involving 53 local law enforcement agencies in Lehigh and Berks Counties. The LVRCC would be a staffed center with a database that integrates local police data and provides extensive search, query, and analysis tools for local crime data. Funding is requested to acquire the tools and products necessary to manage the development and ongoing maintenance of a crime center environment.

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs - Public Safety Mapping System - $2 million

As requested by Patty Murray (D), the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs would use this funding to map Washington's four regional, four-year universities using the Washington State School Mapping System to protect students and employees during an emergency.

These five projects display the diverse needs public safety agencies nationwide have for general IT projects. Of the 139 general IT projects, these five ($26.6 million) represent roughly 25 percent of the total $105 million in funding requests. Tomorrow, GovWin will report on the top five information sharing funding requests.

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