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Top 5 State and Local Enforcement Federal Funding Requests for FY 2011

GovWin recently released a report titled "Congressional Public Safety Funding Requests: A $1 Billion Lifeline for IT Projects," which analyzes all FY 2011 public safety appropriations requests. The report provides in-depth information on the 1,257 public safety funding requests totaling $1.29 billion. For the sake of this blog and previous blogs this week, GovWin is focusing on the top five projects by value for the top five categories (communications, general IT, information sharing, video, and enforcement) outlined in the report. Below is a list of the top five enforcement projects as defined by GovWin:

City of Picayune, Mississippi - Public Safety Enhancement Technology - $2.978 million

As requested by Roger Wicker (D), funding will be used for the police department to purchase devices and equipment to improve communications and technology to enhance public safety.

Birmingham, Alabama - Shot Spotter Technology - $2 million

As requested by Arthur Davis (D), this requested funding would contribute to the expansion project from the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Law Enforcement Technology Account within the Department of Justice. These funds will provide acoustic sensors to build on the success of this project in city communities that experienced a high rate of violent crimes.

City of Ozark, Alabama - Equipment Upgrades - $2 million

As requested by Bobby Bright (D), this requested funding would allow the City of Ozark Police Department to procure law enforcement technological equipment that will improve the city's ability to provide safety and increase communication with surrounding areas. Equipment that would be procured includes a repeater system, in-car computers, cameras, and radar equipment. With the successful implementation of this project, Ozark police officers will be able to communicate with local, state and federal agencies within their immediate area.

Cuyahoga County, Ohio - Prisoner Reentry Program - $2 million

As requested by Betty Sutton (D) and Dennis Kucinich (D), the purpose of the project is to assist policy makers, community leaders, service providers and faith-based organizations in addressing challenges posed by ex-offenders as they return to the community. The project directs local, state and federal resources toward prudent, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. The project is a valuable use of taxpayer funds because it creates a seamless system for prisoner reentry and focuses on increasing public safety and reducing recidivism.

City of Jackson, Mississippi - Public Safety Technology - $1.8 million As requested by Rodger Wicker (D), funds will be used for the police department to purchase devices and equipment to enhance public safety.

Of the 91 enforcement projects, these five projects ($10.778 million) represent about 5 percent of the total funding requested ($56.428 million). For more information on the other 86 enforcement projects, please go here. This was the final installment of the State and Local Top 5 Public Safety Projects Requesting Federal Funding. If you missed previous entries of this blog series, please look through blog dates July 12, 2010 through July 16, 2010 for the top 5 projects in communications, general IT, information sharing, video, and enforcement categories.

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