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Top 5 Communications Federal Funding Requests for FY 2011

GovWin recently released a report titled "Congressional Public Safety Funding Requests: A $1 Billion Lifeline for IT Projects," which analyzes all FY 2011 public safety appropriations requests. The report provides in-depth information on the 1,257 public safety funding requests totaling $1.29 billion. For the sake of this blog and subsequent blogs this week, GovWin will focus on the top five projects by value for the top five categories (communications, general IT, information sharing, video, and enforcement) outlined in the report. Below is a list of the top five communications projects as defined by GovWin:

Arkansas Department of Information Systems - Radio Replacement Project - $24.775 million

As requested by Blanche Lincoln (D), the Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN) is a statewide interoperable communications system that provides communications for 18,000 emergency responders across Arkansas. The AWIN system is comprised of two Smart Zone Controllers and 104 remote communications tower locations. This funding will support the upgrade of Megastar radios to current generation technology.

El Paso, Texas - Public Safety Radio Interoperability System - $15.18 million

As requested by Silvestre Reyes (D), federal mandates require the El Paso Police Department to convert from an analog to digital voice system. This new digital system will allow local responders to communicate with regional and state partners. Funding will assist in this transition and allow the project to move forward at a time when interoperable border communications are a necessity for our homeland security efforts on the southern border.

New Bern, North Carolina - Radio Replacement - $14.9 million

As requested by G.K. Butterfield (D), a new communication center to house the new radio system is essential to services the city of New Bern provides to its citizens, customers, and visitors. The fire department, electric utilities, water and sewer utilities, public works, and the police department will benefit once the new system is in place. The city of New Bern hopes to have the city of Havelock and the Carolina East Medical Center join in implementing this project; both have signed into partnership for a feasibility study of the needs of all communities. Having a state-of-the-art radio system with upgrades, equipment parts and supplies available will greatly support the ability of the city to serve its citizens, utility customers, and visitors on a consistent basis. Having a system that is past its life is proving to be cumbersome when there is a need for repairs or corrections.

Little Rock, Arkansas - Communications Network Upgrade - $13.8 million

As requested by Vic Snyder (D), the requested funding would be used for infrastructure upgrades and to fully convert all subscriber equipment. A P25 digital upgrade will ensure uninterrupted interoperability for all users on the system.

Hildalgo County, Texas - Digital Radio System - $9.97 million

As requested by Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R), funds will be used to purchase digital radio systems for interoperability.

Of the 459 communications projects, these five projects ($78.6 million) represent 13 percent of the total funding requested ($593 million). For more information on the other 454 communications projects, please go here. Tomorrow, GovWin will report on the top five general public safety IT projects requesting federal funding. A good majority of these projects (139) include upgrades and enhancements to emergency operations/fusion centers and total $105 million in funding requests.

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