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Top Homeland Security Grant Programs for FY 2011: Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program

Today's installment of this week's blog series on the top Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant programs for states and localities covers the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program.

Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program

Overview: The AFG provides funding directly to fire departments and nonaffiliated Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to provide them with the necessary tools for emergency response personnel to project the health and safety of the public. There are three different types of grants available within this program:

• The primary goal of the AFG is to meet the firefighting and emergency response needs of fire departments and nonaffiliated emergency medical services organizations

• The purpose of the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grants is to help fire departments increase the number of frontline firefighters

• The Fire Prevention and Safety(FP&S) grants support projects that enhance the safety of the public and firefighters from fire and related hazards

Grant Use: The AFG program has a wide variety of allowable uses. Almost any expense that falls in the categories of firefighting operations or firefighter safety is eligible under the grant. This includes, but is not limited to, firefighting equipment, training costs, and technology.

Funding History: Funding obligations under this grant program in FY 2009 totaled $565 million. This amount funded 5,200 separate grants. Funding for FY 2010 is estimated to decrease to $300 million, and in FY 2011 funding is estimated to increase to $420 million.

Timeline: The application period for this grant is typically April through May.

For more information on the AFG program and funding history, please see GovWin's grants tool here

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