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Top Homeland Security Grant Programs for FY 2011: Port Security Grant Program

Continuing this week's blog series highlighting the top Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant programs for states and localities, today we will cover the Port Security Grant Program.

Port Security Grant Program

Overview: One of the Department of Homeland Security's specific grant programs is the Port Security Grant Program (PSGP), which provides funding for ports and other critical infrastructure to combat nonconventional threats and terrorism. The main goal is to prevent a major disruption of commerce at all port areas. Some of the largest ports in the U.S. are: Port of South Louisiana; Port of Houston, Texas; Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal, N.J.; Port of Beaumont, Texas; and Port of Long Beach, Calif.

Grant use: The PSGP funds are primarily intended to assist ports in enhancing awareness at maritime access points and enhancing risk management capabilities to help prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from attacks involving various types of explosives. This includes chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or any other type of explosive that could be used in an attack. Prevention and awareness systems, training and exercises, and Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) implementation is also essential.

Funding history: The PSGP provides money to three different groups, or classifications. The DHS conducted a risk assessment and established three classes of ports. Seven ports were placed in Group I (highest risk), Group II includes 48 ports, and Group III includes all other port applicants. Based on a fiscal year analysis, the Group I and II ports receive a pre-designated target amount of funding, while Group III ports compete for the remaining funding through individual applications. For example, the FY 2010 PSGP grant funding allocated $172 million to Group I, $86 million to Group II, $14 million to Group III, and $14 million to all other ports. The amount of funding made available since FY 2007 has remained constant, however, there was a large increase in the FY 2008 and FY 2009 funding. From FY 2007 through FY 2011, the funding has been $312 million, $388 million, $388 million, $288 million, and $300 million.

Timeline: The PSGP grant is typically released in December.

For more information on the PSGP and funding history, please see GovWin's grants tool here

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