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Vermont begins process of building a statewide voice radio interoperability solution

Yesterday, the State of Vermont Communications (VCOMM) released Request for Proposal (RFP) #DPS-0910 for a voice radio interoperability solution. VCOMM desires to seek a vendor to deploy an agency-owned wireless network solution(s) in support of mobile radio V-CALL/U-CALL and V-TAC/U-TAC frequencies. The network will operate in analog but be capable of transitioning to digital interoperable voice communications for mutual aid among local, county, state governmental and quasi-governmental, and federal public safety agencies operating within, and adjacent to, the state of Vermont.

This project seeks a single contractor who can supply the materials and labor on a turn-key basis, including site development, backhaul/interconnect, tower and shelter facilities, and interfacing to other systems and subsystems as required to deploy an integrated interoperability solution. Components of this project include: Microwave radio links, base stations, control stations, mobile radios, and portable radios.

This project was originally released in November 2006, but was cancelled in July 2008. The state had estimated this project to cost around $7.5 million in 2006 when the first RFP was released. GovWin estimates that the total cost could be upwards of $10 million. Proposals for this project are due July 17th.

This project follows the direction taken by other state agencies to implement voice radio interoperability solutions. For example, Maryland and Missouri are in the process of selecting a vendor to provide statewide interoperable communications. Other states, like Massachusetts and Hawaii are hoping that a burst of funding via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) (Economic Stimulus package) can help complete statewide radio projects.

For more information on economic stimulus public safety projects, please join GovWin in a webinar on June 2nd, which will provide a background of State and Local DHS/DOJ Stimulus funding and some of the projects that are positioned to receive ARRA funding.

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