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12 DOJ BJA Grant Program Applications Due Soon

We are approaching the final months of application deadlines for a laundry list of Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance grant programs. A good chunk of BJA grant programs had application deadlines in the first quarter of this year, but there are still a variety of grant programs out there to apply for. They are as follows

  • National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) Participation Program- April 15th
  • National Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Support to the Gang Resistance Education And Training (GREAT) program- April 22nd
  • Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners Training and Technical Assistance Program- April 29th
  • Encouraging Innovation: Field-Initiated Programs- May 18th
  • Indiana Alcohol and Substance Abuse Training and Technical Assistance Program- May 18th
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement Program- May 18th
  • National Initiatives: Improving Criminal Courts- May 18th
  • National Justice Information Sharing Initiative- May 18th
  • Protect Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) National Training and Technical Assistance Program- May 18th
  • Tribal Courts Training and Technical Assistance Program- May 18th
  • National Initiatives: Addressing Substance Abuse- May 18th
  • National Initiatives: Enhancing Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention- May 20th

For more information on these grants, visit GovWin's grants database or OJP's website.

Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA RICS) RFP Released

Yesterday the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA RICS) Joint Powers Authority (JPA) released the long awaited LA RICS RFP. The release of this RFP represents the culmination of years of negotiations and planning by the 100+ Cites, agencies, state departments and universities that will utilize the system.

Proposal development teams will be working in high gear from now until proposals are due in August. The winning contractor and subcontractors will establish themselves as leaders in the market by being chosen to create a communications system valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The JPA has established that LA RICS will:

1. Provide a unified voice and data communications platform for all first responders in the region;

2. Support the day-to-day communications needs within individual public safety agencies, including ancillary municipal services.

3. Provide instantaneous mutual aid communications among agencies in the event of a man-made or natural disaster

4. Provide for communications surge capability

5. Provide for system resiliency/fault tolerance

6. Provide for future system expansion/growth

7. Provide for regional disaster recovery

8. Provide for a communications maintenance program

9. Reduce the duplication of cost and effort involved in maintaining separate systems

Non-Disclosure Agreements are due April 21, 2010. The first mandatory proposer's conference is also April 21, 2010. Site visits will begin April 22, 2010. Answers to vendor questions will be posted May 5, 2010. The last day for all written questions is June 22, 2010. The second mandatory proposer's conference will be held June 29, 2010. Proposal submissions are due August 4, 2010. Based on the large scope and complexity of this system, GovWin estimates that it will take several months for a contract award to be made.

GovWin has been tracking this opportunity for several years. GovWin members can view the Opportunity Report via this link.