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GSA Government-Wide Contracts Poised to Get Billions in Stimulus Spending

While the stimulus package provides GSA over $5.9 billion in funding to modernize government buildings, it is likely to get billions more from other agencies receiving stimulus money looking to leverage GSA's government-wide contracts to meet the legislation's spending provisions.

GSA operates a number of government-wide contracts, including the Multiple Award Schedule and the newly awarded Alliant Small Business contracts, used by agencies to shorten the time required to award competitive contracts. Spending on GSA's contracts has been flat over the past several years as agencies have shifted their spending to their own vehicles. However, due to the sheer magnitude of money appropriated to agencies coupled with the spending provisions which challenge agencies to have projects underway in 120 days or less, agency contracting offices will need help.

The Federal Acquisition Service in GSA should see a windfall of business if it plays its cards right. Many of the agencies getting stimulus funds don't have large contracting organizations that can absorb the volume of spending called for in the spending package and they don't have the luxury of time to award a contract using a traditional request for proposal process. Using task order and delivery order based contracts provide agencies the best and fastest way to award contracts yet still satisfy the competitive award provisions in the recovery legislation.

State & Local Too?

Since GSA schedules were opened for use by state and local governments several years ago, their use has been steadily increasing. The volume of spending increased from $248.5 million in 2006 to $521.8 million in 2008. States face a similar challenge to federal agencies and may also lean more heavily on GSA to acquire their products and services more quickly.

Direct Stimulus Dollars to GSA

GSA also received over $5.9 billion in recovery money including:

  • $5.5 billion to the Public Building Service for converting federal buildings to "high performance green buildings"
  • $300 million for the purchase of fuel efficient cars in the federal auto fleet
  • $84 million to play host to the newly established Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board
Implications for Vendors

The reliance on existing contracts provides those vendors with positions on these contracts a tremendous advantage in garnering stimulus dollars. Vendors without a seat on these contracts should look to establish relationships with established vendors and clearly tie their capabilities to how they can satisfy the government's needs relative to the stimulus initiatives.

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