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Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA RICS) RFP Released Part 2

Given the fact that the LA RICS project will be the largest State and Local public safety communications project of the year, and likely the next few, it is worth taking a more in depth look than my previous blog which announced the RFP release. Those working on the bid teams for the competing vendors have no doubt already devoured the RFP and the hundreds of pages of associated documents, but this blog will provide those who are interested in following this project, but will not be bidding on it, an idea of key point in the RFP, without wasting enough paper to destroy a small forest or spending all day staring at PDF files.

Some highlights of the RFP Document

  • "The Authority has used its best efforts to develop the specifications in this RFP based on the needs of its members. Other than adopting the P-25 Standard, it is not the intent of the Authority to mandate a particular solution or System design. "(pg 73)
  • Proposed contract has provisions for extensions for up to a total of 15 years (pg 13)
  • System will be utilized by the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District and 80 other member municipalities and agencies. (pg 2)
  • List of products or services that might be subcontracted include: Systems Integration, Voice Infrastructure equipment, Data Infrastructure Equipment, Console Infrastructure equipment, Voice User Equipment, Data User Equipment, Software, Site Development, Equipment Installation, Training, Maintenance, Removal of Obsolete Infrastructure and Equipment and Other tasks/services. (pg 37)
  • Categorized cost summary chart for comprehensive solution infrastructure and 15 year estimation: Voice System Infrastructure Equipment including Time Synchronization, Commercial Carrier Integration, Site Interconnect Equipment, Site Development, Inventory and Maintenance Tracking System, Recommended Test Equipment, Recommended Spare Parts and Equipment, Training, FCC Licensing, System Engineering, Administrative Management, Installation, Performance Security, Other Costs, Discounts or Incentives. (pg. 53-55)
  • Recovery Act Grant Requirements: "By America" Provision Wage rate requirements Separate tracking and reporting of funds and outcomes (pg 191)

The RFP gives vendors a large degree of freedom in systems design so it will be interesting to find out the differences between the proposed systems of each vendor. GovWin members that are interested in gaining an understanding of the types of systems that vendors have created in the past should take a moment to search the GovWin Justice and Public Safety Communications Database for contracts awarded to large industry players such as Harris, Raytheon and Motorola or the many others who might submit bids for LA RICS.

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