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NYC PlanIT - Impact Beyond Bloomberg’s Administration

In June 2006, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg appointed Paul Cosgrave to serve as the City's Commissioner and CIO for the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT). Cosgrave was charged with structuring the City's IT approach in a way that it further advances government accessibility, transparency and accountability through superior customer service for the balance of Bloomberg's term and beyond.

Since Cosgrave's appointment, New York City has instituted the Technology Steering Committee (TSC) as a new IT governance structure. DoITT has been re-organized to support the new IT governance and most recently DoITT released PlanIT, the City's first-ever technology plan. PlanIT builds upon principles and practices of accountability, transparency and accessibility to be embedded in the foundation of the City's government.

PlanIT identifies twenty-three major IT initiatives supporting the City's key business goals. These are either planned or underway projects categorized into customer service, six mission areas, mission support areas and supporting infrastructure. Mission areas consist of agencies directly interacting with citizens such as Economic Development and Sustainability, Public Safety, Social Services, Education and Community services. Mission support areas are functions that the City performs to run effectively such as human resources and administrative management, procurement and legal services. Lastly, supporting infrastructure refers to the City's physical and technical infrastructure needed to be in place for the City to implement the twenty three IT projects. Initiatives in this area include data center consolidation, telecom and networks, and IT services and security.

GovWin's Take

GovWin anticipates cities will take an aggressive approach to review or develop an IT strategic direction aligned with the City's business goals and objectives. Flowing from this shift will be a restructuring of technology agencies' operations and functions as well as a reform in citywide IT governance. For IT Vendors, the strategic initiatives outlined in PlanIT represent a number of contracting opportunities in the city's key functional areas such health care, social services, public safety and general government services. Vendors with vested interested in New York City's groundbreaking technology initiatives can view PlanIT at GovWin's New York City Local Profile documents library.

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