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New York SABIS Project Continues Trend of State Government Interoperability

Already implemented throughout the Federal Government, Automated Biometric Identification Systems have found a place in state budgets, as New York joins the club of states utilizing FY2009 funding to develop fingerprint identification technology.

On June 16th, 2008, The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) released an RFP for a new Statewide Automated Biometric Identification System or SABIS (GovWin Opportunity 39287). As noted in the RFP document, DCJS is looking for vendors with experience in replacing older, highly integrated Automated Fingerprint ID Systems (AFIS) with new SABIS technology. According to the RFP, the new system will be used to support agencies that rely on the ability to ID individuals utilizing Tenprint transactions and Latent figerprinting. Interoperability is key for SABIS projects, and this system will not be any different.

Notices of Intent to Bid were due July 3rd, and GovWin has obtained the list of those vendors:

  1. CMC Americas, Inc.
  2. Cogent Inc.
  3. Motorola
  4. NEC Corporation of America
  5. Sagem Morpho, Inc.
  6. Ultra Scan Corporation

These vendors will be submitting final proposals on August 15th, 2008. Site evaluations and presentations will all be a factor in the state's final decision, set to be made by the end of 2008. With New York being one of the last states to start down the road to acquiring this technology, nation-wide implementation will become commonplace. As states become more and more concerned with interoperability, this SABIS project continues to echo the need for cooperation between all levels of government.

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