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Next Generation 9-1-1 State Initiatives

Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) is the next step in emergency response systems, equipped to handle the increasing number of ways in which individuals communicate. Implementing NG911 across the country in each and every state, county and city will ensure that all means of communications, from text messages to pictures messages to phone calls from IP-based devices, can be received at PSAP locations just as landline calls are received now.

One of the ways in which state and local agencies can save is to implement regional or even statewide NG911 systems. This will reduce costs as well as guarantee that communications have backup systems in case of emergency. While attending the APCO (Association of Public Safety Communication Officials) 2009 Winter Summit, Bob Currier of Intrado spoke of some of these projects and initiatives, which can be reviewed further in the GovWin database.

Some of the major state initiatives being undertaken include one for the state of Michigan , which is expected to be solicited in mid-2010. Another major statewide initiative is taking place in Texas, which is still in the planning and development state. The State of Texas will create a backbone system which will enable each county and city to establish fully functional NG911 systems. In Minnesota, the State is currently in the process of picking a vendor to assist with their state wide NG911 system.

As new technologies emerge, States must be ready and begin their preparations for full NG911 compatibility. While some states may not move towards a statewide system, counties and other council of governments will require vendors to assist with consulting and the development of NG911 plans. As state's increase their connectivity, the country can move towards a safer and more technologically ready country.

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