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Pathway to Future Success in North Dakota

April brings the observance of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. As such, Deltek’s Health Care and Social Services team saw this as the perfect opportunity to highlight child welfare reform initiatives occurring nationwide.


Deltek kicked off National Child Abuse Prevention month with a look at Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Oregon, which unfortunately highlighted problems in state child welfare programs. This blog shifts gears and highlights a strong initiative in state of North Dakota: comprehensive education. Although most programs naturally focus on the responsive treatment to child abuse, North Dakota is taking preventative measures to avoid abuse altogether. The state recently awarded coalitions 15 grants to help educate grandparents, parents, community members, teachers, and any others in the path of child development on creating a healthy environment to prevent child abuse and neglect. The state also launched an interactive Web-based training for mandated reporting of child abuse and neglect. The training details how to report abuse, how to identify abuse and neglect indicators, and how to file a report. The goal of embedding early protection habits into the community is to help prevent future child abuse and neglect.


Deltek subscribers can check out the Child Welfare Vertical Profile for a closer look at programs on a state-by-state basis. For the latest news and information, make sure to follow Deltek’s Health Care and Social Services team on Twitter @GovWin_HHS and LinkedIn.

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