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Spotlight on the states: A look at states with hefty health and social services IT budgets for 2013

Health and social services continues to receive a lot of attention in regards to innovation and integration of existing systems. For that, it is no surprise that state information technology budgets for related departments are being given a great deal of funding. With 2013 just around the corner, state health care and human services agencies continue to focus on meeting a number of forthcoming federal deadlines resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other federal mandates. While the feds continue to churn out guidance and requirements for health insurance exchanges (HIXs), states are battling the important decision of how they will go about HIX implementation, and are weighing the potential financial impact of Medicaid eligibility expansion.

Deltek recently released an Analyst Perspective, taking a look at states’ 2013 health care and social services budgets to identify which states plan to spend the most money, and further, what sort of IT projects they have up their sleeves. Michigan, New York, Idaho, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are among the top states with large health care and social services IT budgets in 2013. The Analyst Perspective identifies what specific technologies these states are looking to implement and the projected budget for many of these projects. Projects include the continued implementation of health information exchange (HIE) and HIX infrastructure, business intelligence system overhauls, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), unemployment insurance (UI) benefit systems, and more. 


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