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Vermont releases integrated eligibility system RFP

The Vermont Agency of Human Services (AHS) released a request for proposals (RFP) today for its new integrated eligibility system (IES), one part of Vermont’s Health Information Technology Plan (VHITP) aimed at modernizing the state’s health technology and business processes. AHS submitted an Implementation Advanced Planning Document (IAPD) in April, calling the document the “first of its kind,” as it serves as an umbrella Advanced Planning Document that covers the common IT shared services and tools, including the health benefit exchange, eligibility and enrollment systems, financial management systems, public health information, health data, health surveillance technologies, and Medicaid enterprise solution architecture.


Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) standards are a big part of the project, as the state requested enhanced federal funding to retool its health enterprise. Vermont plans to utilize service-oriented architecture (SOA) as much as possible, and is looking to implement an enterprise master person index (EMPI) to “clean” patient records down to a single, holistic view of a person/family and its needs.


The state estimates the total value of all projects to near $375 million, with the new Medicaid system costing $125 million, the eligibility and enrollment system costing $22 million, and the HIX totaling $20 million. Deltek has long written about the need for states to break down their IT silos, but as Vermont pointed out, this may be the first instance that a state has broken down its APD silos. This project rewires the network of Vermont’s health systems and gets as close to real-time information management as possible. This project will require immense coordination and communication, as it runs the gamut of departments (both state and federal) and programs. It will be interesting to see if other states adopt this new APD method when attempting to create true health and human services delivery systems.



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