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Where do states stand today with health insurance exchange plans?

On the eve of the deadline for state governors to declare their intention to establish a state-run health insurance exchange (HIX), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius postponed the deadline by one month to December 14. The push results from the request of Republican Governors – Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal – who have already declared they will not create state-run exchanges.
"States have and will continue to be partners in implementing the health care law, and we are committed to providing states with the flexibility, resources and time they need to deliver the benefits of the health care law to the American people,” Sebelius said in response to the governors. States that plan to use a federal partnership model to stand up their HIX have until February 15, 2013, to inform the federal government of their decision. States opting for the federal or partnership model now can take over operation of the HIX later, if they so choose.  
With all the news surrounding health insurance exchanges (HIX), Deltek is excited to announce it is launching a health insurance exchange profile as part of our Vertical Profiles product in the near future! The HIX Vertical Profile will provide a state-by-state look at upcoming acquisition opportunities, awarded contracts, latest news, contacts, current program information, future plans, and much more! As states continue to solidify plans for HIX implementation, the HIX Vertical Profiles will provide a quick-and-easy way to keep up with governors’ decisions, funding and legislative news, as well as newly announced and recently awarded procurements.
In the meantime, Deltek has compiled a map detailing where states stand today with HIX implementation plans.
States with gradient colors have either not made a decision yet; want a state-based exchange, but will not have it finished in time; or will utilize a federal exchange until a state-based exchange can be planned. States with asterisks have confirmed they will be implementing a state-federal approach. It will be interesting to watch how states interact with federal implementation, and which staunch opponents now will be clamoring for a state exchange in the future. States expected to make HIX decisions today include Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.
Deltek has been a leading resource on HIX development within the states, publishing its first HIX report back in November 2010. The latest report update can be purchased here. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information on the launch of HIX Vertical Profiles in the next few days!


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