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Winning state and local video surveillance contracts – Part 2

When departments solicit for surveillance technology, they must take many considerations into account, including the cost of the overall system, the requirements and deliverables that must be met, whether the technology can integrate with existing infrastructure, and implementation strategy.

The procurement timeline for implementing video surveillance tools from solicitation to contract award is about six months on average. The request for proposals (RFP) submission period is typically open about one month, in which most localities usually require a pre-proposal conference/site visit for vendors to gain a better understanding of all existing conditions that may affect the overall cost.



The time from when a proposal closes until a final award is made can take on average about 4-5 months, and implementation is often expected to take place within six months of the award and notice to proceed. The procurement timeline for video surveillance is fairly fast and consistent compared to timelines for radio communications, which often have extended proposal opening periods. 




Analyst’s Take


Vendors should always take the opportunity to attend a pre-proposal conference/site visit if available. They provide an invaluable opportunity to ask questions and get a better feel for the type of system needed. Obtaining information on requirements and timelines ahead of time with the use of online tools such as GovWin can also be a valuable tactic in expanding lead time, and could boost your advantage in breaking into the market and winning contracts.
Lastly, vendors should note that solicitation documents for video surveillance may require the signing of a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), as cities/counties prefer to make some information private, such as where cameras are located and how the current network operates.

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