NASPO releases 2019 Top Ten Priorities for State Procurement & Top Five Horizon Issues

Published: January 07, 2019

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NASPO's list reflects current and future priorities and issues that will impact state government procurement.

The National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) has released its Top Ten Priorities for State Procurement and Top Five Horizon Issues for 2019. These lists reflect current nationwide priorities and forward-looking issues that will likely impact state government procurement.

Top Ten Priorities for State Procurement

  1. Agency Relations and Customer Service
  2. Continuous Improvement Methodologies
  3. Contract Administration
  4. Maximizing E-Procurement Solution Utilization and Functionality
  5. Measuring Success and Procurement Metrics
  6. Central Procurement Office as a Strategic Leader
  7. Innovative IT Procurement Processes and Collaboration
  8. Promoting Training and Certification for a World-Class Procurement Profession
  9. Expanding State and Local Utilization of Cooperative Purchasing Contracts
  10. Transparency

Top 5 Horizon Issues for State Procurement

  1. Utilizing Business Intelligence Tools and Data to Improve Decision Making
  2. Shared or Collaborative IT Services Across the Enterprise
  3. Moving from Supply Chain to Value Chain
  4. Procuring Emerging Technologies
  5. Transition and Change Management Strategies

Source: NASPO