GovWin SLED Coronavirus Recon

Published: March 20, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) PandemicRecon

GovWin's SLED Coronavirus Recon, produced by Deltek's SLED Market Research team, is designed to support awareness and understanding of the response to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by state, local, and educational (SLED) entities and the contractors that support them.

Word on the Street
(What our analysts are hearing from government.)

  • A greater volume of purchasing officials are working remotely during this public health crisis; and while they are assuredly checking emails, responses may be delayed
  • A government official said that during normal business times the city does not typically send email communications to vendors. However, they recognize these are not normal business times and will send update notifications out to their vendors.
  • There are delays in responding to information requests due to limited access the public records while officials are working remotely
    • Administrative departments in Dallas are either closed or are staffed by a skeleton crew; remaining staff is working remotely. The City is unable to access its records to respond to public information requests at this time.
  • Entities are extending proposal due dates and postponing bid openings due to social distancing, nevertheless Purchasing Departments are still working hard to offer fair and competitive processes during these challenging times



  • NASPO ValuePoint Contracts Update - NASPO’s gathering of cooperative contracts in high demand in response to COVID
  • Utah’s COVID-19 Purchase Exception - The Director of Purchasing authorized State Agencies to make emergency procurements without using a standard process (UCA 63G-6a-803). Through April 4th procurements for goods and services directly related to the State’s response to the coronavirus are excepted from competitive solicitation requirements. However, agencies are encouraged to use as much competition as is practicable.


Health Care


Social Services


Justice & Public Safety



  • Coronavirus and Water
    • Provides advice for water utilities during this crisis and provides this on procurement/emergency funding:
      • Implement or develop emergency procurement procedures to enable accelerated purchasing and adoption of needed equipment and practices.
      • Identify potential emergency funding needs – seek temporary lifting of debt caps or other funding limitations.
      • Access credit lines or other sources of short-term capital.
      • Identify and connect with contractors or suppliers that may be needed on an emergency basis. Create a protocol in advance to be able to call on these resources quickly.
  • How power companies are keeping your lights on during the pandemic
    • The power sector does have pandemic plans in place and this article discusses how they keep the power going with the current situation. Keep in mind many utility workers cannot work remote and this can present challenges for the power sector that many other industries do not face.
  • The Post-Virus Economic Recovery Could Be a Green One
    • Discusses the possibility for an economic recovery being a green one as the COVID pandemic slows. The article states that green projects such as renewable energy, high-speed trains and electric vehicles can be projects that create jobs and attract investment.