GovWin SLED Coronavirus Recon

Published: April 13, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) PandemicRecon

GovWin's SLED Coronavirus Recon, produced by Deltek's SLED Market Research team, is designed to support awareness and understanding of the response to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by state, local, and educational (SLED) entities and the contractors that support them.


Funding & Economic Impact 

  • (Alaska) Dunleavy slices AMHS funding by two-thirds
    • The Governor sliced $15.5 million from the ferry system appropriation for the 2020-2021 budget
    • He also vetoed $12.5 million for the University of Alaska system, $4.3 million in pre-kindergarten grants, $2.7 million for public broadcasting radio and TV stations, and a $1 billion transfer of Permanent Fund earnings to the constitutionally protected principal of the fund
  • (Virginia) Northam wants to put a hold on $2 billion in new state spending and delay minimum wage hike
    • Northam is asking the General Assembly to approve freezes of $874.6 million in the fiscal year that starts July 1 and $1.4 billion in the next fiscal year
    • Halting new spending means no raises for teachers or state employees, as well as no new spending on infrastructure such as roads
  • (Arizona) State spending millions for medical supplies to treat COVID-19
    • The State is allocating $10 million for ventilators, $8.5 million for masks, $500,000 for isolation gowns and $100,000 for hand sanitizer
    • The governor is also making $5.8 million directly available to counties and $1.2 million to tribes for local preparedness response
  • Missouri governor signs spending bill to fight pandemic
    • The supplemental budget bill allocates nearly $6 billion in federal stimulus money to fight the health and economic ramifications for the pandemic
    • The money will be used to purchase additional personal protective equipment for first responders, help develop medical facilities beyond traditional hospitals, and provide aid to hard-hit local governments
  • Ohio think tank recommends nearly $3B to be used for COVID-19 fight


Higher Education

K-12 Education

Health Care

  • Tennessee Medicaid funding request for COVID-19 patients likely to die
    • Tennessee’s request for Medicaid funding to treat COVID-19 patients appears to be on life support as the federal government looks to the CARES Act to distribute billions of crisis dollars to state governments.
  • (Missouri) Local public health agencies ask state for funds
    • The Missouri Public Health Association asked state legislators to revise its $6.2 billion COVID-19 relief bill to earmark funding specifically for local public health departments.
  • (Maryland) UMSOM Launches Large-Scale COVID-19 Testing Plan
    • The University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) announced on Friday the launch of a large-scale COVID-19 testing initiative that will significantly expand testing capability over the coming weeks, enabled by new funding of $2.5 million from the state of Maryland.
  • HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Virus Testing Capacity Seen Ramping Up
    • The U.S. is working on four forms of diagnostics it needs to re-open the economy: widespread surveillance to cate new flare-ups; testing of people who have specific symptoms; contact-tracing for confirmed cases; and antibody testing to know who’s recovered from the virus

Social Services 

Justice/Public Safety


Public Utilities