Survey of Government Procurement Professionals 2018

Published: July 02, 2018

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This annual survey of government agencies focuses on trends, improvements & challenges in state, local and education procurement, with implications for contractors

GovWin+Onvia’s 3rd annual survey of government procurement professionals reveals important trends and insights into the state, local and education (SLED) government purchasing environment. This includes how the outlook is evolving, how decisions are made, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of that process. A representative sample of 334 procurement staff from state agencies, cities, counties, special districts, and school districts nationwide participated in this year’s survey.

We continue to track trends related to several of the persistent challenges facing government procurement, such as heavy workloads and difficulty getting enough bidders to participate, but we also delve into viable solutions such as greater automation and non-traditional buying methods.

Our survey monitors changes in the Procurement Performance Index (PPI) – a custom indicator measuring progress made in key areas such as customer service, trust, and turnaround times. We also document how agencies that score highly attract greater participation interest among contractors.

Throughout the report, we provide additional perspective and implications for agency staff as well as the contractors themselves. Our analysis considered the interactions of business and government agencies in the procurement process and incorporated findings from our Survey of Government Contractor Sales Expectations 2018-19.

Readers of this report will learn:

    • The greatest challenges facing buyers and procurement teams today and the implications both for agencies and vendor strategy
    • Why procurement professionals continue to report being overworked and how much this affects the buying process and experience for bidders
    • Why a greater percentage of agencies report struggling to attract enough bidders
    • How the issue of tight budgets is a leading constraint for many agencies
    • Why spending is growing faster than bids and what that means for the market
    • How improvements in procurement performance can help differentiate an agency and attract more bidders
    • The importance of efficient buying methods like cooperative purchasing
    • How automation and e-Procurement are helping agencies with workloads and efficiency
    • Best practices to help agencies meet their goals and insights for contractors to help them better understand their customer, win more contracts and grow their revenue

    Procurement agents from SLED government agencies and executives in business development, sales, marketing, and operations roles at companies pursuing business in the SLED marketplace should request their complimentary copy of this report today.

03 Executive Summary
04 Introduction
05 Profile of Survey Participants

Procurement Performance

07 Turnaround/Response Times are Stabilizing
08 Customer Service Rebounds
09 Slight Improvement in Trust
10 Procurement Performance Index

Procurement Outlook

12 Continued Stability in Spending
13 Growth in Bids Steady but Slightly Below Spending
14 Workloads Getting Heavier
15 Top Challenges Include Tight Budgets and Cumbersome Process
16 Evidence Agencies are Sensitive to Economic Confidence

The Contractor Response

17 More Agencies are Failing to Attract Enough Bidders

Procurement Efficiency

18 SLED Agency Spending is Broadly Distributed by Contracting Method
20 Demand for e-Procurement Systems Grows
21 Conclusions