GovWin SLED Coronavirus Recon

Published: April 23, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) PandemicRecon

GovWin's SLED Coronavirus Recon, produced by Deltek's SLED Market Research team, is designed to support awareness and understanding of the response to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by state, local, and educational (SLED) entities and the contractors that support them.


Funding & Economic Impact 

Higher Education

  • Can Colleges Reopen in the Fall? If Not, Some Won't Survive
    • The chancellor of the Vermont State Colleges System announced a plan to close three campuses, affecting 2,000 students and 500 staff.
  • No Emergency Aid for DACA Students
    • The US Department of Education issued a question-and-answer sheet which clarified that the CARES Act grants could only go to students who are eligible for federal aid under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, which excludes students under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).
  • Texas colleges cut budgets in response to economic impact of COVID-19
    • As one of the largest higher education systems in the country, Texas received more than $1 billion through the CARES Act to assist students but the state is still doing measures of budget cuts, slowing spending, and hiring freezes.
  • (Princeton University) U. turns down its $2.4 M CARES Act allocation
    • Princeton University, among other universities are declining to accept funds allocated to their students through the CARES Act. Harvard also announced that they would not accept funds either. These universities did not receive their funding yet.

K-12 Education

Health Care

Social Services 

Justice/Public Safety


  • California awards $500 million in transit and rail project grants
    • Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic greatly affecting the transit industry, the funds from this grant will support long-term capital projects and will aid in the economic recovery in the years ahead.
  • What Will Transit and Mobility Look Like After the COVID-19 Crisis?
    • There are almost no customers using transit agencies services. The article presents ways in which transit agencies can win back customers, such as going digital to limit interaction with others and even allow the ability to buy your subway ticket on your phone.
  • (Texas) TX: Is now the time for Texas to build expensive highways, toll roads and passenger rail?
    • Several large scale projects, such as the $16 billion high speed rail line, are being reconsidered as a result of the pandemic. The new Terminal F at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport is also likely to see a delay of several years as a result of financial trouble for the airlines. However, North Central Texas Council of Governments Transportation Director Michael Morris argues that, now is the time to move forward with infrastructure projects in order to help Texans get back to work quickly and promote aggressive job growth.

Public Utilities

Community Development/Housing