State and Local Procurement Snapshot - Q2 2018

Published: July 27, 2018

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GovWin + Onvia's State and Local Procurement Snapshot - Q2 2018 provides vendors with details about the current contracting environment and the factors driving recent trends, including growth rates by industry and level of government.

Our Q2 2018 State & Local Procurement Snapshot shows improvement from last quarter’s slight decline in bids, but overall is consistent with our sideways forecast for this year following an unusually strong 2017. With the first half of 2018 over, we present additional analysis of how the past six months compares to previous years.

Despite the recent slowing, the $1.5 trillion SLED marketplace remains healthy and offers a wide range of opportunities for contractors. In this report the SLED market analysis team at GovWin+Onvia ranks 12 major industries by their level of growth, including four specific groups that are increasing in volume by 3-11%, year-over-year. We also identify which type of agency is currently growing the fastest. Finally, our geographic analysis identifies states with the highest growth rates in bid volume to provide a regional perspective.

In this quarter’s edition, Jennifer Saha, National Director for Public Sector Councils at CompTIA, provides an engaging discussion of some of the leading SLED government technology trends, which has implications for the broader universe of contractors and vendors. This includes both the types of technologies being purchased as well as evolving trends in buying methods and funding.

Readers of this report will learn:

  • Details about the current contracting environment and the factors driving recent trends
  • Which industries and types of projects are experiencing the highest growth rates
  • Contracting trends by type of agency that can help identify growth in market size and differences by type of buyer
  • Differences in year-over-year bid & RFP growth rates by state
  • Purchasing trends, outlook and perspective on the state, local, and education government sub-markets
  • How to better understand the pulse of the SLED market to make informed planning and strategy decisions for your business

This report draws from GovWin+Onvia’s government contracting data, including government bids and RFPs, awards, and future spending plans from tens of thousands of state, local, and education government agencies, as well as expert insight from our market analysis team.

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