Advisory & Assistance Services (Opp 14605 & Opp 33060) Labor Rate Analysis

Published: December 15, 2005


The following companies' GSA Professional Engineering Services schedules have been compared to their applicable BPAs: Business Technologies and Solutions Inc. (BTAS), Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC), Innovative Logistics Techniques (INNOLOG), Innovative Technologies, International Trade Bridge, Jones Technolgies Inc., Karta Technologies Inc., Modern Technologies Corp., (MTC), PESystems, Sumaria Systems, Sytex Group; Tetra Tech; Tybrin Corp.

In preparation of CONTRACTED ADVISORY AND ASSISTANCE SERVICES CAAS III (OP ID: 14605) and ADVISORY & ASSISTANCE SERVICES FOR TINKER AFB OKLAHOMA A & AS (OP ID: 33060), INPUT has created a Labor Rate Analysis examining advisory and assistance service labor rates from ADVISORY AND ASSISTANCE SERVICES PROGRAM 8(A) BPA (OP ID: 15746). The pricing analysis compares BPA rates to contractors' applicable GSA Schedules, depicts variances and analyzes escalation rates.