GovWin SLED Coronavirus Recon

Published: June 04, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) PandemicRecon

GovWin's SLED Coronavirus Recon, produced by Deltek's SLED Market Research team, is designed to support awareness and understanding of the response to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by state, local, and educational (SLED) entities and the contractors that support them.

Word on the Street

(What our Analysts are hearing from government)

  • The Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is reporting delays in awarding contracts as they shifted their priorities and focus to address the COVID 19 pandemic.  DAS has been tasked with sourcing all the PPE supplies and COVID-19 test kits needed for the state.


  • New York State shares lessons from COVID-19 tech 'SWAT teams'
    • One of the measures New York ITS took early in the pandemic was to make an open call to private-sector technologists who might be able to lend their skills to the state’s needs, including apps to help people screen themselves for a coronavirus infection, expanding processing capacity for state services like unemployment and distributing network hardware to support field operations.
    • The agency this week also published a brief “playbook” meant to be a guide for other government entities that find themselves scrambling for emergency IT services
  • Iowa Legislature reconvenes following absence due to COVID-19
    • Following a nearly two-month hiatus due to the spread of COVID-19, state legislators returned to the Capitol on Wednesday to resume budget talks and virus safety

Funding & Economic Impact


Higher Education

K-12 Education

  • (California) How Will 'Hybrid Schedules' Work If K-12 Schools Reopen This Fall? LAUSD Is Thinking About It
    • One of the reopening options that LAUSD is considering is that have student spend one week on campus followed by the next week using remote learning from home. Another option considered is for students to rotate through the classroom every other day, or once every five days, or every third week.
    • The school district is putting its emphasis on the learning environments of particular students such as younger students, English learners, students with learning differences and disabilities, and struggling students prior to the pandemic.
  • Gutted Colorado budget passes its first test on party-line vote
    • K-12 education would take a nearly 10% hit and higher education would lose more than a quarter of its state support under the budget that passed the Colorado House. The budget cut more the 21% to the overall budget and has now moved to the Senate.
  • Lee Administration Releases Plan to Balance Tennessee Budget
    • The administration and the General Assembly agreed on $397 million in recurring reductions at the onset of COVID-19, and the administration is proposing an additional $284 million in reductions for FY 20-21, bringing the total to $681 million in reductions and the state has also brought in hiring and expenditure freezes.
    • The budget plan is a multi-year spending plan which provides full funding for the Basic Education Program (BEP) for K-12 public schools, among other programs and funds.
  • (Michigan) State superintendent: Congress can prevent 'profound' K-12 cuts
    • Michigan's school superintendent stated K-12 districts are confronting the possibility of staggering spending cuts amid the coronavirus pandemic unless Congress helps fill a nearly $2.4 billion revenue shortfall over this budget year and next.

Health Care

Social Services 

  • (Texas) Council to Weigh $80M Workforce Development Program, Small Business Aid
    • The $80 million will fund workforce development for 10,000 participants, with $10 million spent on temporary child care support for working families and $70 million on workforce training support, career navigation and placement, education and training, and participant stipends
  • (Oregon) Employment Department May Seek National Guard's Help With Claims
    • Unemployment in Oregon is so grave that the state Employment Department is considering bringing in the National Guard. The tentative idea would be to have the Guard update people with basic information on the status of their claims, so they wouldn’t need training on the intricacies of unemployment compensation.
  • 1.9 million seek jobless aid even as reopenings slow layoffs
    • Nearly 1.9 million people applied for U.S. unemployment benefits last week, evidence that many employers are still cutting jobs even as the gradual reopening of businesses has slowed the pace of layoffs.
  • $20M In Grants Will Help Families And Nebraska Child Care Centers And Programs
    • Nebraska Director of Children and Family Services, Stephanie Beasley, has announced that $20 million from the coronavirus relief bill will be used in child care development block grant funds to help mitigate the effects COVID-19 has had on children, families, licensed child care centers and family home providers. The grant will be focused on helping child care centers and home providers stay in business.

Justice/Public Safety

  • Jury Trials Begin Again, Carefully
    • Over the next several weeks and months, courts around the country must figure out how to resume operations in a way that keeps employees and visitors safe, yet also safeguards the constitutional guarantee to a jury trial.
  • Facial recognition adapts to a mask-wearing public
    • With more people wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, facial recognition developers are adapting, building datasets of images featuring masked faces to develop and train facial identification and recognition algorithms and upgrading existing solutions.


Public Utilities