GovWin SLED Weekly Coronavirus Recon

Published: August 14, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) PandemicRecon

GovWin's SLED Coronavirus Recon, produced by Deltek's SLED Market Research team, is designed to support awareness and understanding of the response to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by state, local, and educational (SLED) entities and the contractors that support them.


  • State agency is investigating Texas’ spike in COVID positivity rate, Abbott says
    • Gov. Greg Abbott said Thursday that the state is investigating Texas’ positivity rate that has skyrocketed in recent weeks. While hospitalizations and daily new cases of the novel coronavirus have declined from record highs, the state’s positivity rate — the number of positive cases out of the total tested — has exceeded 20% in recent days.
  • 5 new insights into Gov. Jared Polis’ coronavirus response and how COVID-19 is affecting Colorado
    • Specifically, Polis’ surrogates outlined how Colorado has spent billions in federal aid and the ways in which the governor has used his executive authority to prevent COVID-19 from spreading out of control.
    • The day-long hearing was a result of a bill passed by state lawmakers in recent months in an effort to provide them with more oversight over and insight into how the governor has handled the pandemic.
  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Warns ‘Covid Fatigue’ Could Lead To Rapid Spread Of Virus
    • While visiting West Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott warned Texans about succumbing to “Covid fatigue” as it could potentially lead to another rapid spread of the virus.
  • Private NYC coalition to share data with city for pandemic recovery
    • Eleven technology companies, nonprofits and community organizations have joined a coalition to share their proprietary data — such as where people are visiting, shopping, eating and conducting real estate transactions — in an effort to help New York City officials better understand the needs of residents during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • For public health and economy, states are turning to data
    • As health officials and governors seek data to aid their grapples with the pandemic, which has brought 5.1 million COVID-19 cases to the United States and 165,500 deaths, state leaders are turning to data to get a handle on what their economies might look like in a few months without additional federal aid.
  • Gov. Ducey Says Arizona Continues To See Progress With Downward Trajectory Of COVID-19
    • According to Johns Hopkins University data analyzed by The Associated Press, the 7-day rolling average of daily new cases in Arizona dropped over the past two weeks, going from 2,523 new cases per day on July 29 to 1,034 new cases per day on Aug. 12.
    • The 7-day rolling average of daily deaths in Arizona also declined over the past two weeks, going from 80 deaths per day on July 29 to 59 deaths per day on Aug. 12.

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  • Global consulting firm McKinsey lands $5 million in coronavirus-related, no-bid contracts in Washington state
    • But the contracts — two of which are funded by those federal dollars — show how a global consulting firm has gotten into the coronavirus response business while government agencies at every level spend billions in a scramble to contain and adapt to the pandemic.
    • Typically, no-bid contracts are prohibited by state law. But after Inslee declared a state of emergency in early March, the director of Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services waived the competitive solicitation requirement “for goods and services that are directly related to the state’s response to the coronavirus.”

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